5 Barriers To Your Recruitment Success In 2017 (& How To Overcome Them)

It’s the second week of January and already the recruitment sector is off to a flying start. REC’s Report on Jobs shows that permanent placements rose again in December and temp billings reached their highest level since April.

2017 is looking lucrative for determined recruiters who can overcome these barriers to success.

Increased competition

The number of registered recruitment agencies in the UK alone now stands at nearly 24,000. That’s some competition! Savvy recruiters will have to up their game to stay ahead in the race to source talent and generate new business in 2017. Self-discipline, the latest technology, shorter hiring times, a focus on your sector and a reputation for ethical recruitment are key.

Skills shortages

The number one concern of recruiters is the lack of available candidates with relevant skills to fill their job openings. With skills shortages ranked high on the list of employer concerns,  that’s unlikely to change in 2017. At the same time as qualified candidate numbers are falling, cities like London are seeing a surge in new job openings. As a recruiter you’ll need to pull out all the stops to build a constant talent supply, through your job page, niche job boards, social media feeds and going beyond the obvious (LinkedIn) to explore sites like Instagram and Snapchat to recruit your ideal candidate. The pressure is on.

CV inaccuracies

In a perfect world, the information provided on candidate CVs would be 100% reliable. In the real world, that ‘perfect’ candidate may be concealing vital information that would jeopardise their job application – and with it your placement fee. 2016 saw a rise in the number of ‘inaccurate’ job applications, with up to 70% of all CVs containing misleading information. As a recruiter it’s your job to confirm the details supplied by your candidates to avoid compliance issues. Don’t skip that all important background check, in the race to fill your shortlist or vacancy – and that means more than a quick glance through your candidate’s social media and LinkedIn profiles.

Job seeker surge

As if sourcing new client leads and vacancies wasn’t enough, this January brings with it a surge in job seekers determined to secure their goal of a career change in 2017 and expecting you to help them achieve it. Almost two thirds of employees want to change their jobs this year, according to Hays. The best candidates are only on the market for 10 days[1] and their CV may be in the pile of applications to hit your Inbox. But while you’re screening job seekers you’re neglecting your business development. 8LEGS fixes that problem for your recruitment business.

Finding those open jobs first

Finding new client job leads before your competition is your biggest challenge as a recruiter in the face of increased competition. 8LEGS business development platform, designed by recruiters for recruiters, identifies all of the open live job leads in your sector. Our state of the art lead generation tool carries out Boolean searches, identifying jobs based on your search terms and geographical location, taking care of that vital new business, client lead generation process. We continually monitor in excess of 13 million unique domains to locate and index the job pages of direct hiring employers which we then revisit every 24 hours to guarantee your search results remain live.

Gain instant access to hiring company job leads that matter first and make 2017 your biggest billing year yet.

Find out how. Contact us at 8LEGS today.



[1] Source : https://www.officevibe.com/blog/12-recruiting-stats