8LEGS Technology Launches First Global Lead Generation Tool For Recruiters

8LEGS global lead generation tool for recruiters

The innovative tech company aims to streamline the business development process for recruiters.


London, January 2017


Recruitment Tech company 8LEGS Technology Ltd launched its state-of-the-art service at the beginning of the New Year in response to what it sees as a growing market need.


‘The global recruitment industry grew by 8.6% in 2016 and in the UK alone is now worth over £35 billion,’ explains 8LEGS CEO Mark Lennard. ‘Competition for new business is fierce. Our lead generation technology helps recruitment agencies to stay ahead of the game by rapidly locating the job leads that are relevant to their sector.


8LEGS offers a Boolean search feature via its public database. It continually monitors in excess of 13 million unique URLs to locate and index company job pages and in turn delivering thousands of job leads for recruiters via its searches. Its cutting edge technology then revisits the domain every 24 hours ensuring all job leads are live and up-to-date.


‘With over 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry, we understand the challenges faced by today’s recruiters. They are constantly under pressure to exceed their targets and place more candidates,’ continues Lennard. ‘8LEGS provides a shortcut for them to achieve that and make more placements and generate more revenue, by finding job leads they never knew existed. Our users are able to create searches for job leads exactly as they would search for candidates’.


8LEGS offers a flexible, scalable service comprising four plans, Lite, Basic, Premium and Enterprise.


Some of its key features include:-


  • Full Boolean searching to allow the creation of complex search strings.
  • Job leads are identified based on textual content and geographical location.
  • A bold search facility allows users to carry out searches for specific words and phrases displayed on company careers sites in bold font (such as job titles).
  • Historical data searching.
  • Saved search alerts.


Both the Premium and Enterprise plans allow users to upload their own data from their recruitment CRM allowing the recruiter to search on their own niche sector and find hidden roles from existing client data that they would have never known existed.


Prior to its launch last week, the company carried out rigorous beta testing on its technology for several months to create a proven system.


‘It’s easy to use, it helps recruiters to boost their sales performance and it places more focus on business development,’ observes Lennard. ‘I like to think of it as a ‘Google for jobs’.


At present, the company generates job leads in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Additional countries are being added on a regular basis.


‘Other companies offer a similar service but 8LEGS is the first comprehensive global lead generation tool,’ concludes Lennard. ‘It’s a game changer for the recruitment industry’.


About 8LEGS

8LEGS offers a business development and lead generation platform for recruiters worldwide, providing a global recruitment lead generation tool which identifies live job leads for recruiters.