Boolean, Bold, Geo Search

Find live job leads from company websites as and when they are added, by creating Boolean searches just the same way you would search for candidates; and also utilize the geo search facility to pinpoint the company location.

Ensuring that you find the best results for each search carried out, is key to the success of 8LEGS and we have implemented full Boolean searching within the application to allow you to create complex search strings to pinpoint job leads based on textual content and also on geographic location. 8LEGS also offers bold searching which lets you run searches for words and phrases such as job titles which are displayed on sites in bold font.

Public Data Access

Public Data Access

We monitor millions of company websites globally and our technology locates websites that have job related pages. Once a website job page is found, it is indexed in the same way a search engine works and is then revisited every 24 hours.

The 8LEGS public database contains company website job pages from every conceivable industry sector, letting recruiters carry out searches to locate job leads related to their recruitment industry sector, in which they operate. We continually monitor over 13 million domains to locate companies displaying a job page containing job postings and as the world wide web grows, so does the 8LEGS public database.

Public Data Access
Historical Data Searching

Historical Data Searching

Searching for job leads here and now is what 8LEGS is great at, and as well as searching for current, live jobs, we also provide historical data searching which finds jobs that have previously been displayed on job pages.

Historical searching helps recruitment companies understand the recruitment activity that has previously been carried out by potential new clients and therefore gives them a better insight into the type of candidates that a company may consider. Historical searching is also a great feature when researching for new sectors for recruiters to recruit in.

Historical Data Searching
Saved Search Alerts

Saved Search Alerts

Create multiple searches, save them, and then let 8LEGS notify you by email every time new job lead results are found. You can choose the frequency of the alerts and let 8LEGS automate your searching.

Manage your notification alerts and change them at any time via the 8LEGS user interface. Have a perfect candidate but no jobs that suit? Use a saved search alert to create a specific search and let 8LEGS find new job opportunities to present to your candidate. Pinpoint the results you receive based on Boolean, bold and geographical searching.

Saved Search Alerts
Private Data Uploads

Private Data Uploads

8LEGS allows you to upload your own data from your recruitment CRM system. Extract your client website address details or email addresses and post/zip codes and 8LEGS will find all the job pages on those company websites, ready for you to search against.

Run searches for live jobs on your own client data and create saved search alerts too. Got multiple niche divisions within your recruitment company? Then create multiple private data folders to allow your recruiters to search against. Want to add a single site that is not in the public database? No problem, just add it to your private database. All private data uploaded, is for your own private company use and is not shared publicly with any other users of 8LEGS.

Private Data Uploads
Enterprise Accounts

Enterprize Accounts

For companies that have multiple teams of recruiters and who are constantly looking to generate new business opportunities, 8LEGS offers an enterprize account option allowing multiple users to have full access, all at the same time.

With an Enterprize Account you will have an administrator account which will then create sub accounts for your teams, giving each recruiter individual access to their own account, own call lists and their own saved search alerts. Each user can also have access to their own uploaded data to allow them to concentrate on searching in their own niche sectors.

Enterprise Accounts

Email Find and Send

As well as finding new job leads from companies that are hiring, 8LEGS locates email addresses where available from company websites and allows you to send targeted marketing emails to prospective new clients who you wish to recruit for.

Our platform locates emails from company websites where we find job leads from and then enables you to create multiple email templates to send introductory emails & terms to companies that are recruiting. Create as many templates as you like, covering your various niches and send directly from the 8LEGS platform using your own company email address. 8LEGS will find all available email addresses from websites and allow you to send to one or multiple recipients.

a month billed annually
  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Unlimited Search Results
  • Public Database Access
  • Boolean Search
  • Geo Radius Search
  • Job Title Bold Search
  • Historical Search
  • 10 Saved Search Alerts
  • Call/Tag Lists
  • Create Notes
  • Note Reminders
  • Private Data Upload
  • Private Database Access
  • Email Address Finder
  • Email Sending Platform

The 7 Day Free Trial will automatically move to a paid subscription unless you cancel before the end of trial period



Search Results Unlimited
User Accounts 1
Public Database Access
Boolean Search
Geo Radius Search
Job Title Bold Search
Historical Search
Saved Search Alerts** 10
Call/Tag Lists
Create Notes
Note Reminders
Private Data Upload***
Private Database Access
Email Address Finder
Email Sending Platform

**Additional Saved Search Alerts can be purchased through the add-on store on the user interface.

***Our fair usage policy allows up to 5,000 URL’s or emails to be uploaded to a Private Database. More URL uploads can be purchased through the add-on store on the user interface.

For accounts exceeding 50 users, please contact us for discounted volume pricing.