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Diversity within a Team

There’s a lot of talk about diversity and its importance within the workplace, but what is meant by ‘diversity’?   Diversity is a surprisingly broad term, encompassing, not only gender, age, race, religion, background and personality, but also the differences in the way people perceive themselves, others around them and their subsequent interactions. Given this […]

Cyber Attack – Protect Your Business

For recruitment agencies, their asset of greatest value is their database. Not only does it hold the results of years of hard work and research but it also holds the key to future success. It’s something that’s built upon, nurtured and protected to the extent that when a member of staff resigns, they’re often escorted […]

Personal Branding – What Does Your Online Profile Say About You?

These days, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or Linkedin, everyone has a presence on social media. Many people use multiple platforms, picking up on the different style of each. Clients are becoming wiser to social media and often search for the profiles of both their prospective employees and their professional contacts. As such, it’s […]

Great Communication Keeps Clients Happy!

In Recruitment, communication is King, (or Queen!). The recruiter has to be able to communicate with the client and then communicate the client’s requirements to the candidate and vice versa. The Recruiter is the lynchpin, so if the Recruiter’s communication skills aren’t up to scratch the whole process becomes less successful. But what do we […]